Time is Me Turns 1!

    This is going to be a very different post. The Time is Me blog turns one this week! I want to take time to thank everyone who has been reading this blog over the past year and wanted to celebrate by pulling out some of the best content of the blog over the past year.


"What are you passionate about? Are you so bogged down with work, school, family and other commitments that you just can't carve out the time to do these things? Are you living someone else's life and are on other people's agendas? If these questions are intriguing to you, then it is a fair bet that you do feel this way. In a nutshell, you just can’t get to the things you are passionate about."

This is the very first paragraph of the first post. This is ultimately the heart of what Time is Me is intended to do. The goal here is to help people who are too busy with obligations and tasks to find the time for the things they really want to do. The strategies listed in the past year of blog posts can help that.



"We have all heard of a budget for our money. This can also be done with our time. There are many ways to go about this, but first let me explain to you the benefits that a time budget can offer. One benefit of a time budget is that you can limit activities that you feel are taking too much of your time.”


I am still a firm believer of time budgets. My personal use of a time budget has changed since I wrote this post; however, the concept is still very similar. I have shifted from monitoring every activity on an annual basis to a more general category on a weekly and monthly basis. This takes less time to actually to monitor and still does the job well.



"There is clutter for our time too! Just as our living and work spaces can get cluttered, so can our schedules. This can happen if we don’t follow our schedules.”

Cutting clutter has been a recurring theme in the recent years for me and I have been making strides in this area little by little. The less clutter around, the better it is.



“That 20 minute task may become a 30 minute task just by the one two minute distraction.”



“I remember a time when I was playing a podcast, listening to music, having a webstream on, talking on the phone and on top of that doing records and studying. All I remember about that was nothing actually got accomplished.”



"Have you ever been around someone who is quite a jerk because of being too busy?They are able to find many ways to tell you that they don’t have time at the moment. Sometimes it’s in a friendly way and other times it’s not so much.”



"You are most focused when properly rested. I know that when I don’t sleep enough, I am scattered brained and constantly losing focus.”



"Having a consistent routine creates a pattern in your life where you don’t have to think about it. Any opportunity to automate in your life will make your life more productive”



“Set your mind to being on time. If you don’t think it’s important to be on time, you won’t make it a priority to be on time. Don’t say you will try to be on time, say you will.”



    "Take care of a few unrelated small tasks first. This could be anything that will get you moving such as going through a few emails, a quick chore like taking out the trash, or anything else that is 5 minutes or less. Do a few of these quick tasks first to make you feel productive and get a momentum going.”



      "Regulate the timing of the spurts of productivity. While this may not always be possible, it is best when we can plan on times when were are the most productive so we can schedule our focused work time then, and avoid things like meetings or breaks during those times.”



      “Getting your physical space cleaned and organized will make a huge difference on your mindset and productivity.”



      "Narrow your tasks down. If the to do list for the day is over 100 items or some other amount that you know is unsustainable, then it is time to pick out the most important tasks of the day. “



      "A very effective productivity strategy that I believe in is batching. One way to effectively execute this strategy is to include all tasks of one type at one time.”



      "It will save you a lot of frustration. Since life has so many changes, might as well skip the frustration and expect changes and be flexible.”



      “There are many reasons someone procrastinates. More often than not it is because we avoid doing something we don’t want to be doing.”



      There is much more ahead for Time is Me including many new topics, discussions, a podcast, products, and services. Now this is where you come in. I am seeking all and any feedback on what you want to see from Time is Me going forward. I look forward to your feedback and once again, thank you!