How to be Busy Without Being a Jerk

    Have you ever been around someone who is quite a jerk because of being too busy?They are able to find many ways to tell you that they don’t have time at the moment. Sometimes it’s in a friendly way and other times it’s not so much. I can call this type of person out because this has been me many times. Sometimes I can get overwhelmed with tasks to do and I get impatient when people ask me to do something else or add to my list. My frustration can frequently be made evident, sometimes in a way that isn’t always friendly. I am certainly not alone with this. It is very easy to show frustration, agitation, and irritation when stressed due to being too busy. Here are ways to help us from becoming a jerk when we are too busy:

  1. Only schedule what is manageable- do not put too much on your calendar or on your to do list. I have done this far too many times. Trust me-it’s not worth it. Learn what you can handle and stick to that. Even if you are not in much control of your to do list, you can still make a decision of what you can sanely accomplish and communicate that to whoever you need to.
  2. Carefully pay attention to what you are saying when you are stressed and too busy - more often than not it’s not your best attitude or not really that nice. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person and evaluate if that is how you want to be talked to.
  3. Communicate that you are stressed in a nice way at the beginning of any conversation when you are. Don’t drop your stress bomb on someone else who is not suspecting by acting rash, moody, irritated, etc. Give a heads up or a warning.
  4. Take a break - Whether this is a break from the task you are doing or from the people you are with - it is important to do this. You can read more in a previous post “Why It’s Important to Take Breaks”.
  5. Put it in proper perspective. When you are busy, it may seem like you have been or are going to be busy forever. That is how it feels to me whenever I am in a busy season. Remember that it does end and there is bound to be a break and a time where things will calm down. It is not sustainable to be busy forever. Even if it’s a small break that is coming, like an evening that is free, know that these moments will come as they always have. If you are legitimately constantly busy and really have no slow points in the foreseeable future, then it is time to udo a triage of your schedule immediately.

    It is possible to be busy without being a jerk, but remember it is a conscious decision that has to be made. If you don’t struggle with being a jerk at times when busy, then you are already making the right decision! Please let me know if there are any tactics you would like to add that would help others with this.