The Benefits of Batching

A very effective productivity strategy that I believe in is batching. One way to effectively execute this strategy is to include all tasks of one type at one time. This is best accomplished by making categories and assigning items to these categories. An example can be home, work, reading, finances, etc. I have several different categories in my task manager of which I use for this purpose. I also have tasks scheduled at appropriate times in a way that has me able to focus on that type of thing. Examples of this are combing trips, doing several household chores at once, doing whatever reading you want to do all at the same time, etc. Here are just a few benefits of batching.

  1. More efficient and get more done. This saves time from having to shift focus all over the place. For example, when focusing on finances, schedule a time once or twice a month to pay bills, reconcile balances, transfer to savings, etc. Do all of that at once rather than all over the place and this will save you time.

  2. Better Focus. As I stated in point #1, it does improve focus on the task at hand. It also improves your focus overall and keeps you more focused even when not completing any tasks because you develop a habit of being more focused.

  3. Less Agitation. It is easy to get frazzled and annoyed when your focus is all over the place and you go from one to the task to another without any plan or strategy. You will be calmer if you are able to focus and batch your tasks.

  4. You can develop a steady routine. It is easier to develop a routine and schedule when like tasks are batched together.

  5. Better chances of following your schedule and routine. Developing a good schedule is one thing, following it is another. If you desire to follow a schedule and stay on track, batching works better.

    Batching your tasks is a great method to organize and make your routine efficient. I do this as much as possible as it helps me get more done. In a world, we are always pressing to get more done, techniques like batching are great.