Why it is Important to be Flexible

    I am a huge proponent of detailed schedules, to do lists, and time budgets. I have used various methods throughout my life including paper planners/datebooks and all kinds of programs to help me make excellent schedules. I have over 15 years of different types of schedules. The earlier ones were much more rigid and less flexible, which more often than not did not work as well. This of course also depends on your life and what is going on. When I was 16 when I was less flexible, there were also far less variables. Nevertheless, life has so many moving parts and changes, it is very important to be flexible. It is possible to have a detailed schedule and yet still be flexible. I have been able to do this using a very valuable

resource that allows me to keep a detailed schedule and yet easily adjust as things in life happen - TimeTune (I have included a link at the bottom of the post, right now only available on Android phones but they are expanding). Here are just a few reasons why you should be flexible

  1. It will save you a lot of frustration. Since life has so many changes, might as well skip the frustration and expect changes and be flexible.

  2. It will make you more efficient. Learning how to adapt to different situations and still stay on task when life throws you curve balls is an excellent way to be more efficient rather than getting flustered when the schedule changes.

  3. It will annoy others less. When I was less flexible, I have had a lot of complaints from others about being too inflexible. The more flexible you are, the less issues you will have with that regard.

  4. It will allow you more freedom. You will feel more free and be able to adjust things as needed much more easily. It is helpful to be able to adjust course as needed and stay on track. Things may not take as long as you expect or more likely they will take longer. Also, a more flexible schedule will make it easier to focus in on what you need to be doing at the time.

    Flexibility is as much a skill as keeping a detailed schedule and actually following it. They are both skills that take practice to improve. Some people are better at the first and others the latter. The best schedules are strong in both. Although, it may take a while to become really effective at this, with enough time, determination, and effort, it can be done.