Finding Time for What you Really Want to Do

     What are you passionate about? Are you so bogged down with work, school, family and other commitments that you just can't carve out the time to do these things? Are you living someone else's life and are on other people's agendas? If these questions are intriguing to you, then it is a fair bet that you do feel this way. In a nutshell, you just can't get to the things you are passionate about. 


     How do you find time to do the things you are passionate about with so many other commitments? One way of doing so is doing a little bit each day. For example, let's say you want to read a 500 page book. It is highly unlikely for there to be enough free time in one day to read the entire book at once. You could read 20 pages each day which is something much more feasible. You will still get through the book in 25 days, which seems quick for just doing a little each day. This is commonly referred to as the slight edge method, which is a concept that is illustrated wonderfully by Jeff Olson in his writings such as The Slight Edge. Doing a little bit each day of what you really want to do will add up to much more than you would think. This concept also applies to saving money. You'll be surprised how saving a little bit of money at a time adds up.


     Personally, this has been a struggle for me, especially when I was working, going to school, and being involved with various activities. I am personally passionate about managing time so that I can find the time to do what I really want to do, which is starting Time is Me. That is why I am applying these principles that I am learning through my journey to master my time. It really helps me to know that in order to accomplish my goals, I just need to start small and then let it grow. Otherwise, I may never start at all, just like I’ve done in the past when a task looks too daunting and impossible to complete.