I am Michael Szubrowski, fascinated by time management and efficiency. I use various strategies to maximize the use of my time so that I can achieve the things I want in life and am hoping for. I have always had an eye out for time, even in kindergarten I was known as the timekeeper. The time management strategies that I employ have helped me overcome and achieve accomplishments that I could not have imagined.  Despite the fact that I grew up with ADHD and still struggle with to some extent, following a schedule and keeping on track was always important to me. In fact, I was deeply bothered by anything outside of what was already planned and was very rigid. As I grew older, I realized the importance of being flexible and this brought some sort of balance

I totally understand what it is like to be extremely busy with commitments and events that I don't really care to do. For example, I knew it would be better for me to attend college, but in reality for me, I really just wanted to be done and to move on to a day where I didn't need to attend class, and worst of all do so much work that you don't get paid for, in fact have to pay for. Even now, I go to work to do something I may like, but not what I am extremely passionate about. As I attended school and even throughout my career, I ran into people who are so busy that they don't even have time to focus on what they want are they are obligated to do, let alone accomplish the things they really want to do. I have frequently felt like that throughout my life, especially when I was in school.

Why should you read this blog? There is so much content out there and plenty of blogs and books to read, podcasts to listen to, TV shows, movies, videos to watch. What can I possibly say that you can't find somewhere else? Read and find out.