Starting a New Momentum

    We all find ourselves caught up in a routine where we are stuck, sort of like on autopilot. We get comfortable doing what we are doing and it is easy to stay on the same path. The vast majority of people don't like change and will only change when necessary. Personally, I do like change and have even been guilty of changing something just to change. Just like anything else there is both good and bad change. Regardless of what momentum we have going on, there is always a need to work towards a better momentum. Here are just a few examples of how to develop a new momentum.

  1. Life Changes. We all have changes in our life that outside of our control and our momentum is changed for us. This is the most common form of momentum change as several people will only change when they need to be.

  2. Take Inventory and then Action. Take an inventory of your current momentum, patterns, and tendencies. Check to see which areas of your schedule and routine are working and which ones aren't.

  3. Set regular goals. To keep any momentum going it is important to ensure that you have regular goals in place and that you regularly review them. 

  4. Establish a regular routine. I do encourage this frequently, and I do stand by the importance of having a regular routine. Just make sure that you don't go too far with it.

  5. Get yourself motivated. You may have been motivated at one point, but it is easy to lose the motivation once the excitement of reaching for a fresh goal wears off. It is important to keep motivated so that you keep your momentum going. 

It is important to keep a good momentum going. Your momentum can be key to achieving goals and being as productive as you can be. We can all struggle with momentum at times but remember that the longer you keep a momentum going, the stronger it can become.