You May Not Need to be Scheduling Everything

Today marks three years since I officially decided to make Google Calendar my main calendar. Before that I had several methods dating back to PDAs, Pocket PC’s, paper planners, and Apple’s calendar. When I switched to Google Calendar, I was able to sync between every device and it synced very well. While I still use Google Calendar today, my method has changed durastically. At the time, I had every task, even the one minute tasks on Google Calendar. I later switched to using an app called TimeTune for smaller tasks and Google Calendar only for main events, typically ones that require to physically be at. Since then, I have dialed back on the tasks on TimeTune as well. I also use Nozbe for my to do list so I now have a method that doesn’t involve duplication of scheduling like before. I am able to connect these apps to TimeTune to view all of them in one place. I say all of this to say that I have come to a system that seems to be working very well for me and this is a great process for you to do as well. I also want to emphasize that it is better that I don’t have a rigid minute by minute schedule like in the times past. If you do schedule every minute of your day and it is working great for you, continue to do it. I think that works well for a season, but for most people there is definitely value in having a more fluid schedule that has a lot of flexibility in it. Below are a few reasons why you don’t need to be scheduling every single thing that you do.

  1. To be more flexible. You are more flexible when you have unscheduled time. Life is unpredictable and can require a significant shift of priorities in a short amount of time.

  2. To save time. It is possible to spend to much time scheduling and planning. If it gets to the point where the costs outweighs the benefits, it is much better to seek an less intensive alternative.

  3. To be more sane. If you are stressing too much trying to perfect a routine and schedule, then you are probably doing more harm than good. Loosen up and find a healthy balance.

  4. To be more productive. I am a huge proponent of doing something different for a better result. You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect a better result. I recommend trying a few different scheduling styles to see which one works best. Maybe the extremely detailed works the best now, but do check on some periodic basis to see if it still the best results later on.

  5. To be less annoying. I used to be inflexible and obsessed with detailed schedules and some found it annoying. By loosening up it will do yourself and those around you a favor.

I know from experience of the costs and benefits of both a very detailed schedule and also having no schedule, and several points in between. My findings are that somewhere in between is ideal, and will shift from different times in your life. There are times when it is beneficial to be more scheduled than others. I would definitely recommend some kind of regular evaluation (i.e quarterly, annually) to ensure that you’re using the best method of scheduling for your situation. All the best in your scheduling and please let me know your thoughts on what scheduling methods work best for you.