Summer Productivity

Summer has historically been my favorite season. It has always meant not having to go to school and going on vacation, to the beach, and other fun activities. Ultimately, it means more of what I liked to do and less of what I didn’t like to do. While there are so many reasons to love summer (I do know a few people who would certainly disagree), there are definitely advantages to the other seasons (or time of year if you live in an area without seasons). There are also disadvantages to different times of the year as well. In this post I will focus on how to maximize your productivity with the summer coming up. The coming of summer can mean several different things for you. It can mean the end of a semester or school year, it could mean having kids around since they don't have school, or it could mean that nothing in your routine or life really changes. Since this time of the year is likely to bring changes and opportunities to do something the different, there are several different things we can do to ensure we can stay on track while the summer season is approaching.

  1. Keep a Standard Routine. I frequently mention having a regular routine. This is a routine that should rarely change. The more you stick to the routine, the better off you are in terms of keeping it.

  2. Try doing things differently. Whenever there are a lot of changes happening, it is a good time to do things differently and see if you can get better results  improve your routine.

  3. Make new goals. This can be a good time to start something new also. If you find yourself coming across more free time, it is a great time to start a new project, do some cleaning, take on a new hobby, etc.

  4. Enjoy yourself. Even if you don't like the summer, you can still take a change in routine and pace can be enlightening. 

I hope you are able to enjoy the coming of summer and have a lot of fun, relaxation, and yet still be productive. Just because you may be having more fun, does not mean you have to be less productive. This is an excellent time to work hard and play hard.