Fall Motivation

Fall is here and often like spring we view this time as a time to start fresh and begin new things. It is back to school, back from vacation, and ready to go and get things in order as we begin to look forward to a new routine, fall activities and the upcoming holidays. There are plenty of things to look forward to and to get us motivated. Additionally, we are most likely settling into a new routine now that the summer is over. While some people are excited to embark on a new journey and routine, others mourn the loss of summer, and most of us feel a bit of both. As we navigate through a new season and routine we need to take time to figure out our new routine and what is the best way to go about it. This is an excellent time to put practices in place such as a time budget and a detailed schedule to match our new goals. Here are just a few methods we can use to ensure that we are getting the most out of our new motivation that comes with a new routine.

  1. Always have something to work for. Nothing propels us more than a goal we are trying to reach. Not only should we have a goal or a few in place, but also we should keep in mind the reason we want to reach this goal in the first place. The positive results of us reaching our goals is what motivated to do what is necessary to reach them. More often than not, the steps we take to achieve the goal are not things we particularly enjoy doing, but rather the end result is what makes pushing towards the goal worth it.

  2. Always schedule a reward for doing what you need to do. In achieving our goals, we have tasks that we don't enjoy doing. To motivate us further to do these tasks, we should reward ourselves by doing something we want to do after we do the tasks that we don't care to do.

  3. Write down or type your goal and the end result and read it regularly. As often as you need the motivation to reach your goal, you should read your goal and how your life will be better after the goal is achieved. 

  4. Enjoy what you doing. Knowing the positive end results may make the experience of completing the task. Being that the task is necessary to achieve your desired goal, you might as well enjoy doing the task rather than not enjoying it. 

  5. Persistent Progress. Keep moving on a persistent and consistent basis. The longer you are away from doing something, the harder it is to get back on track. It is much easier to achieve your goal when you have a momentum going.

This should serve as additional tips for motivation to help you achieve your top goals. Please let me know your thoughts and what works for you to achieve your goals more effectively. As for now, enjoy your goal process as well as the beautiful fall weather.