Re-evaluating Priorities

We all have a set of priorities. We may have good ones in place, or maybe we don’t. In most cases there is not a definitive way to determine whether the priorities you hold are good or not and that is not what we are here to determine. However, we should be aware of what our priorities are. It is very beneficial to get an accounting of what our priorities are and what they mean to you at the time. While the beginning of the year like it is now is an excellent time to do this, it is a great exercise to do at least 4 times or perhaps monthly. Knowing what our priorities are will play all kinds of roles in getting us to the goals we are seeking and using our time for the best. Here are a few examples

  1. You know what we are working for. Having a strong idea of what your priorities are will reflect in all areas of our life. You can proceed with clarity of thought and keep moving.

  2. You are less distracted. As long as you have your priorities narrowed down to attainable parts of your goals, then you will be be focused on what you are trying to achieve.

  3. You are making the most of your time. As long as you are spending the majority of your time on your priorities then you are making the most of your time.

  4. You are overall satisfied. I can speak to this myself that when I am doing things that are not in part of my priorities I feel drained and unfulfilled. When you are getting closer to your goals and are within your priorities, you will feel more fulfilled.

While focusing in on your main goal will yield you the best results. I would recommend keeping a relatively short list of priorities that you can access quickly. Let’s say you place about five things on a list, I would review that list as frequently as possible for two reasons. For one, to remind you of what your priorities are and second to re-evaluate them to see if they still hold the value that they once did. As we are still early in the year, we may be still be working through goals for the year and taking a look at what has been working and not been working in the prior year. I wish you all of the best in this process.