When it is Time to Ditch Your Current Routine

We are still in the beginning of the year. Many of us are still evaluating our lives, goals, finances, schedules, etc. There are many different ways we can go about each new year and that will differ for each you each time. Every once in a while, we may come to a place where our current schedule and routine isn't working. This could manifest in a number of ways. The most obvious would be that we are not getting the results that we want or need to succeed at the task we have at hand. We may get to the point where our schedule is not useful to us anymore. In this case, we may want to draft out a whole new routine altogether. I seem to do this about every 2-3 years. There is no particular schedule for when I do this, I just go ahead and do it when I deem it is time to do so. Here are some signs to tell it is time to change our schedule.

  1. What you are doing is not working. This is the most obvious sign that there needs to be a change. If what you are doing isn't getting you the results that you need, then it is time to make changes. 

  2. What you are doing is not sustainable. If you are doing too much and you are regularly worn out, you will not be able to complete the things that you set out to do.

  3. What you are doing is not challenging enough. You may be finding yourself with too much free time or just completely bored with your life at the moment. A new year always provides an excellent opportunity to reach a new goal and do something that you weren't doing before.

  4. What you are currently doing doesn't make sense. If there is a better way to do what you are doing, then do it. If it is not easy to make the change, at least work towards making the change. Sometimes we do things just because that is how we have been doing them for years, or even decades or longer. It may not even make sense to do things a certain way anymore. Perhaps, maybe it never did.

I am in the process of making changes to my personal schedule and routines. As I said earlier, it is an excellent time to decide to make changes. Please also note that January is not the only good time to make changes and adjustments, I am excited for what is ahead, and on that note, there will be some exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned and thank you for reading.