Narrowing Down to the Essentials

    It is important to stick to the essentials in your life. There is a value into picking a focus and sticking to that. Just like they say “the riches are in the niches”, this is also true for how we spend our time. There are countless things we can do with our time, and many of them are good and fulfilling things. However, we need to determine which is most important for where we really want to go in our lives. This requires employing the aspects you may have encountered already if you have been following this blog. If you are a new reader, feel free to explore the other posts to get a better idea. It is important to understand the need to focus on what you are doing and what you need to do. Here are just a few ways this can benefit you

  1. Only focusing on the essentials makes you the most productive. When you focus merely on the essentials, your focus is much more stronger and you will be the most productive. It is like growing a large pumpkin, if you take out all of the little pumpkins, you get one large one.
  2. The more intrinsic value of what you are doing. You will feel better about what you are doing when you are doing the one thing you really want to do.
  3. The more on track with your goals. The more your goals are focused, and the more you are focused on them, the more on track you will be. This is especially the case when you are focused on only a few big goals. This is better than focusing on 20 goals at once, then you will often end up only accomplishing one or a few, or none at all.
  4. The closer you are to your purpose. Part of finding time for purpose is narrowing it down to what your purpose really is. While we all have many different purposes, there is really one main purpose that we should be focusing on at a time. We have plenty of opportunities to be off track and distracted, but this is why we need to focus on our purpose.

We all have essential things in our lives that we should be focused on doing. We do not need to be caught up in all of these distractions and things that are unnecessary. I find that it is best to work on a focused and essential life that does not include too many distractions, rabbit trails, and non-essential activities. In these times I find the greatest fulfillment, and you will too.