Taking Action

This will be a shorter post than usual. I am currently at Podcast Movement in Philadelphia and I have been busy networking and discussing future plans for Time is Me. The next step will be a podcast. I plan to release episodes once a week and will be around 15-20 minutes in length. I look forward to taking this to the next level.

Have you ever procrastinated on something for seemingly forever and don’t just around to doing something that you know you should be doing?

This is something that we do to some extent at some point in our life. We realize that we have been putting something off for a long time for whatever reason

Common excuses are

  • I am not ready
  • I am not the right person for this
  • I am not sure if this is something I really want to do
  • I don’t understand what I need to do
  • I don’t really feel like doing this

That is just to name a few of the possibilities

I have a lot of this in my own life as well.

For example, I have wanted to start a podcast for Time is Me for a long time. For some reason, I have waited several years to do this. I could have been done this earlier, and beleive that I have waited longer than I need to do. It is good in a way because I am now more ready than ever; however, in a situation like this, it is possible to miss opportunities because time passes as we do not do this. We can miss opportunities if we don’t act quickly enough. It is important to remember the importance of taking action and taking action.

Please let me know your thoughts. I look forward to any and all feedback.