Why Appreciating Your Wellness Will Make You Productive

    I have had another challenging week regarding illness. While the worse of the cold has passed last Sunday night, I did have a relapse, with more eye pain and continued coughing. On top of that, I got some kind of stomach bug in the middle of the week as well. In terms of productivity, I certainly struggled to stay on track, especially having eye pain meaning I really don’t want to use my eyes all that much so that limiting me to laying down and thinking and listening to podcasts, that’s about it.

    With two weeks of various illnesses and curtailed productivity in the books, I have learned to appreciate more the times I am feeling better. Even now I am beginning to feel better for the most part and things I have taken for granted I am not very grateful for. I also understand that it can be much worse. There are far worse illness like cancer, ALS, Leukemia, Stroke, and that is juts to name a few. All I can be is grateful to know that I am recovering and very soon I will be able t eat, see, walk, and live like I am supposed to be.

    With that in mind, this allows me to refocus on productivity. I will discover what I haven’t been doing when I was sick and will come to realize that certain things are not all that important after all. Being sick for an extended amount of time does allow you to refocus and reorder your priorities. This is the case for anything major in your life that alters your life. The best we can do with difficult situations like illness or any other tragedies is to reevaluate our lives afterwards and move forward from there. It is all the better we will feel when we are fully recovered.