BONUS: Productivity - March 20, 2004

Here is something I remembered writing in my journal 14 years ago when I was 16. As you will see, I have always had a thing for productivity and time. 

"Productivity and efficiency are important things. Fooling around at stores and malls or in your house should not be a part of your routine. You should always be making the most out of your time. There is never a need to just sit around watching TV. No one should complain about the lack of time because there is always a way to improve your time management. There is also so many more edifying activities that can replace time-wasting ones. If everyone would change their schedules for just a little more productivity, the world would be better off."

Keep in mind, this is before I worked any job and was in a relatively easy year of high school as well. This is before I experienced being crazy busy which pretty much started the next year in 2005 and have been going on quite consistently since then with a few breaks. The way most of our lives are today, it is actually quite easy to complain about lack of time, even with good time management!