Time Management with ADHD

If you know me you may be aware that I have grown up with ADHD. It was especially obvious if you have seen me as a child. I was a very hyper kid who did not have a great attention span. As I grew up, I have improved from what I was I as a child, but still do have some symptoms as an adult. What I do want to comment on here is the strategies that I have used to effectively manage my time while being officially diagnosed with ADHD.

  1. Find a way to make it interesting. I always needed to be engaged and interested in what I was doing to do it effectively. Whenever I wasn’t interested, I would end up not being focused and not productive.

  2. Develop a structure. There needs to be some kind of structure to make it effective. For me it was making schedules and following them as well as tracking time. It may be a different case for you.

  3. Be aware of how you work. Whether you have ADHD or not, you need to be aware of how you work and what makes you more or less effective in productivity.

  4. Make each task manageable. One struggle I run into the most is being overwhelmed by a large project or to do list and end up not getting anything done because it is difficult to even determine the next step.

I have made a strong effort to be as productive as possible and have came a long way from where I was. It can be a challenge trying to figure out how you work and what strategies work best. As my life changes, I am still working on finding the best methods to follow and they do change from time to time as well. I intend to comment more on my experience with ADHD and time management in the future. Please let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading.