The Perils of Flying Time

I wanted to give this post an unusual title mainly to put an emphasis on the topic. Time flies by very quickly and here’s a spoiler alert, it doesn’t seem to slow down. The older any person gets it seems to speed up. As you may know if you know me is that I do have a really strong long-term memory and can recall details of any given date for over a decade. This ability only magnifies the reality that time flies by and waits for no one. The events from a year ago feel like they just happened. As I go through my memories, I feel both a joy for the progress I have made in certain areas, what has changed for the better, and what I have learned. On the other hands, I know there are goals that I had a year, two years, and even 5+ years ago that I haven’t reached. There are things that haven’t happened and I don’t know why they haven’t. We all have these kind of thoughts when we look back and realize how quickly our lives do go by. It is so easy to think of when you are young that you have so much time, but don’t let this be a reason to procrastinate or wait until later. If there is something you can do now, do it now! There is no reason to wait because if you keep putting it off until tomorrow or some day, you will realize five years later that those days never actually came! Here are a few reminders for you whenever you want to put something off until tomorrow, next week, next month, etc.

  1. Time goes by quicker than you think. All of our lives are busy in some way. There is so much information coming at you these days and all kinds of events that each day brings us that make the day fly by. One minute you sit down with a cup of coffee in the morning and before you know it, you are turning the lights off to go to bed. Now it is hot outside, but before you know it we will have the snow shovels and heavy jackets out.

  2. Procrastination is your really your worst enemy. To re-emphasize my last point, whenever we put things off, it doesn’t help us. Putting off something until next week, may actually end up being years!

  3. Limit the number of projects you have going on at the same time. The more you have going on the same time, the quicker time will fly and the quicker you will realize that you are not really making progress because you are scattered all over the place. This is all the reason more to have focused and detailed goals

  4. Don’t drive yourself crazy. Another mistake you can make is that you take the realization of how quickly time flies too seriously. When you do this, you try to accomplish too many things too quickly and burn yourself out. You do this long enough you will drive yourself into the ground and you won’t be able to do anything for a while if you really go too far to the point of serious burnout.

I encourage you to make it a practice to realize that time will go by quicker than you anticipate and you have less time then you think. In the short term, you should plan 8 hours for something that you think should take 5 or 6 hours. In the long term, plan a year if you think it’s 8 months. Of course this is not an exact science, but a general rule of thumb is to plan for more time than you have. This will relieve you of a lot of stress and aggravation. Finally, this works on the other side as well, giving yourself too much time to accomplish something will give you the license to continually procrastinate and keep putting something off until “some day” which as a reminder, is not a day of the week and will not go on a calendar. I hope this serves as a reminder as it does for myself as a push to get working on your goals!