The Perils of Rushing

Have you ever been in a hurry to get something done? You may be against a tight deadline or maybe you want to just get it done. There is a difference between rushing and doing something efficiently. When something is done efficiently, it is done thoroughly and completely and still quickly. Rushing through something will often lead to mistakes, and can often prolong the total amount of time to get something done overall. Here are just a few reasons not to rush through what you are doing.

  1. You can make mistakes and errors. It is much easier to make mistakes when you are in a rush. It is not worth the time and frustration to correct the mistakes.

  2. Rushing will make you frustrated and flustered. You are not in a good mood when you are rushing around. It is common to lash out at someone because you are rushing to get something done or to get somewhere. It is worth planning ahead and leaving on time if possible.

  3. Rushing can become a habit. If you experience with rushing isn’t bad enough to deter you from doing it again, you will possibly make it a habit. More often than not, this could be subconsciously and before you know it, you may be rushing to more places than you want to.

  4. Even worse, rushing can become a lifestyle. It is possible to end up with a lifestyle where you rush everywhere and to get everything done. We all rush from time to time, but if we get into the habit of waiting to the last minute all of the time long enough, it becomes normal for us.

Now I do understand that we are all going to have urgent situations in our life that arise or we are given an project or assignment with just not enough time to complete well. It may also be beneficial if there is enough urgency that we have created to so we can maximize our efficiency. Just like anything else, there are gray areas and not cut and dry. If you are rushing and you are completely happy and feel you are at your most productive, then keep up the pace!