Spring Cleaning and a Stagnant Schedule

We all get to a place when we have a stagnant schedule and it can be pretty challenging on how to keep your schedule fresh and productive. With our lives constantly changing, new activities beginning, ending, and transitioning in many ways, it is very easy for our schedules and routines to become ineffective and even obsolete if we don’t evaluate it enough. There are several things that we can do to ensure that we don’t fall into a bland schedule and routine to the point that our routines and schedules are irrelevant and useless. Below are a few:

  1. Run a health check on your schedule. Just like everything else you need to take inventory of where you stand. Ask yourself a few questions. Is my current schedule and routine working for me? Are there any areas that are very ineffective? What can be improved and how can that be implemented.

  2. Analyze the results you find. Adjust your schedule and routine based on what you find. You want to get to the place that you are constantly adjusting your routine to what would be the most optimal level of effectiveness. 

  3. Take a break from your routine or schedule. If you find that your current routine is not working, you may do best by taking off from your routine and schedule. This should not be done very often but may be a great option when you find what you are doing to be ineffective.

  4. Start a new schedule from scratch. As a last resort it may be best to start a brand new schedule from scratch. This is the best path to take when you do not have a schedule in place. It seems that every once in a while I do this, usually in the case of when I found a new app or method that I am implementing. 

Spring is a wonderful time to look at your schedule while you are looking at everything else. While the weather begins to improve and we are busy cleaning out our houses and organizing our finances, this is a great time to clean up our schedules so that we can keep things the way we liked them after we do the cleaning that we need to do. I hope you are having a good spring season and are making strides towards your goals.