ADHD Struggle with Focus

Hello all, as you may have noticed I have skipped a week this past week. I am doing well, but just had to catch up with a whole lot of other things.

One of the key aspects of ADHD is the inability to focus. This can be very misunderstood in several ways. One common misconception is that we struggle with focus with everything. Remember that we are all different. For anyone, it is easier to focus on something that we all enjoy. This is amplified for someone with ADHD. When someone with ADHD wants to do something a lot, they can focus better than anyone else. When it is something that they don’t enjoy, it can be impossible to focus. For the times when something you need to do is something you really don’t want to do, here are a few things you can do to get going when you have to.

  1. Do it another time. Sometime, it may not be the task that you really don’t want to do and can’t focus. It is possible that just dropping it for now and doing it a different time can make a huge difference. Perhaps you can try doing a regular task at a different part of the day.

  2. Make it interesting. There may be something you can do that can help you want to do something you can’t focus on. Perhaps, find a way to motivate yourself by giving yourself some kind of reward for achieving it.

  3. Break the task up to something smaller. A lot of times when we can’t focus, we struggle too much because it is overwhelming to see so much to do. It is much easier to do something that is achievable.

  4. Consider your alternatives. I have said this before in previous posts, but want to re-iterate this point. If you really have trouble focusing on something, and you have tried to get better at it or like it more and it still hasn't worked, then it is time to consider your alternatives of what else you can do. You are probably either having trouble because it is something you are not good at or something you do not enjoy, or in case.

What we must remember about anyone who has ADHD doesn't have a flat out problem with focus. It is more about what we can and want to focus on. We all have things that we have to focus on and not being to focus on something like that can make it difficult. I have been there several times and just not able to focus on something. Thankfully, I have used these steps to help me focus when I needed to. I hope they are able to help you as well, and again, thanks for reading.