An Interesting Idea

I was recently listening to a podcast and someone had a really interesting idea. They have tried one thing and it had helped increased efficiency significantly. It all came down to not looking at the time very often. In fact they were bold enough to not look at the time at all except for setting phone reminders. I was personally very surprised to hear that eliminating your concept of how much time has passed will actually make someone more efficient. I always thought that a limited awareness of how long activities take would not help. 

This is a very unique concept and I never considered how not looking at the time and not being aware of how you spend your time. This is just about the opposite of my approach. This is why I wanted to bring this up. There are many different approaches and the goal is for you to find the method that works for you the best. Below are just a few reasons you should take a different approach.

  1. Gain a fresh perspective. Doing something different than what you are doing is a great way to get a new perspective on a method. Seeing something from a different perspective is very helpful and can provide the opportunity to improve what you are doing.

  2. Understand what works best. The only way to really know which works best for you is to try several different approaches. Once you find the best one, you should go along with it.

  3. Ideas out of your own can be great. This is true even what we are doing works great. It is always good to benefit from perspective outside our own.

I am definitely in support of trying new methods in order to maximize our productivity. While this is not something I would have considered, it could work very well. It is always good to have an open perspective and always be looking for the best way to do something. Let me know of any unique and different productivity concepts. I do plan to explore more productivity ideas that are different than I would consider.