Finding Motivation to Do The Things That You Have To Do

There are always things that we like to do and things that we don’t care to do. Very often we don’t want to do some of the things that we have to do and they become like chores. More often than not, the necessities in life are boring and we need motivation to do these things. There are several different ways we can go about doing these things that we have to do and find a way to make them easier to get through.

  1. Turn it into a game. Games are fun but chores are not. One way to motivate yourself to do a boring task is to make a game out of it. If you don’t enjoy cleaning the bathroom, then you can set a target time to beat each time. This way you will not only have motivation to do the task, but you will get it done faster. An added bonus is to motivation to clean the bathroom quicker and more effectively the next time.
  2. Do the tasks on a schedule. Do it on a regular basis each time. Do a monthly task the same time every month - for example in the afternoon of every first Sunday. Do a weekly task the same day around the same time, for example sweep and mot the kitchen floor every Thursday morning. Knowing when you are going to do these chores will help prepare your mind each time you do it.
  3. Batch your tasks. It is better to have as many of like tasks together, this includes chores and what you don’t want to do. This is better because we can get our tasks done at the same time in the same frame of mind. This also helps eliminate having multiple times of dread - doing four things you don’t like at the same time is better than having to do these boring tasks at four separate times.
  4. Provide a reward for completing the task. Reward yourself for doing things you don’t want to do by doing something you really want to do afterwards. While this works for children and our pets, it works great for any adult as well. There is nothing more motivating than getting to do something you really want to do. Delayed gratification works very well because the thing you enjoy doing is much better knowing that you are done with the things that you don’t enjoy doing.
  5. Reevaluate the task. Sometimes things we don’t enjoy doing don’t even need to be done. While this does not apply to cleaning your house (or at least it really shouldn’t), in the workplace or your own business it is very possible the thing you are doing and don’t enjoy doesn’t need to be done at all. Procedures can become out of date and unnecessary and therefore should be avoided. This is of course easier when it is something you are in control of rather than it being in the hands of your boss.

We all have things we don’t want to do and things that bore us. It is all about finding the best way to get these things done so that they don’t burden us to the point that they don’t get done. I have used the techniques that I have listed and they have helped me get more tasks done and in a more efficient manner so I have more time for things that I want to be doing. This is where we make time for what we really want to do, which is the core intention of what Time is Me is about. Thanks as always as reading, please feel free to list any thoughts.