The Benefits of Cleaning for your Productivity

Spring is in the air! Whether or not it feels like it where we you are, many of us may be thinking about spring cleaning. There is something about flowers and trees blooming, weather finally getting a little warmer, the days getting longer that motivates us to do new things and get things cleaned up. If you are not into spring cleaning, you could still be into cleaning and organizing. We do not need to wait until the spring or any other special occasion to get things cleaned and organized. I have recently been cleaning up in various areas both in terms of physically cleaning and organizing. There are several benefits to cleaning and organizing when it comes to productivity. Just to name a few below

  1. Being organized saves time. When you know where everything is, it saves you time from looking for whatever you need. It is much easier to find what you need, especially in a time crunch that way. Not to mention that you don’t only save the time you would spend looking for something, but also the time you would have lost due to distraction
  2. Being organized saves plenty of aggaravation. I have been there way too many times looking for things, my patience gets very short with something like that and I have a lot of motivation to set up as many systems to have in place so I know where everything is and also have as little clutter as possible.
  3. Being organized gives you a productive mindset. When the space you are working and living in is physically clean and organized. Without the mess and clutter physically there, there will also be less clutter mentally because you are not thinking about all of the clutter you see. It is an application of the old adage “out of sight, out of mind”
  4. A clean space is better for your well being overall. When everything is cleaned and organized, it is better overall. It is better for your health when your space is cleaned more regularly and also better at preventing illness from spreading. If you can avoid getting sick, it is definitely better. You can read a previous blog post about how off track I got (and you can too) if you do get sick. Even if you don’t get sick, a physically clean and organized space is better for us mentally as well as our mindset.

I always enjoy cleaning and organizing. I know we all don’t always actually enjoy doing it, but we can all agree that after we are done we feel better. We are happy we are done and happy with the result. A clean room, house, workspace, car, computer, phone, etc is better. Being organized both physically and digitally will help us with our mental capability as well. Think of a computer with almost all of the hard drive filled up, it is always slower because it requires RAM to be filled up quicker to allow for storage. I plan to stay on the theme of cleaning and organizing and the benefits for a few weeks or so while we are getting into spring. Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any suggestions whatsoever for topics.