Holiday Season Review

It is a special time of the year. Whether the holidays bring you happy or sad memories, and most likely a bit of both, it is true that this time of the year is unique. It is unique that we do celebrate holidays, but also is unique that it provides an excellent opportunity to take an accounting of how your year went. I regularly make this time at the end of the year to review what happened during the year and what I think went well and what I think could have went better. Here are a few things to consider doing before you close out the year.

  1. Consider how you spent your time well. I recommend any type of review begin on a positive note. This will encourage you to keep going and will encourage you to keep going. Try to make this list as long and detailed as possible, yet be realistic. If you have been tracking your time all year, take a look at the reports. If not, you can take an educated guess at where the majority of your time went.

  2. Now consider what didn't go well. It is very important to understand what didn't go well with your time. Identify where you wasted time, what you struggled to complete, what goals you didn't make, etc. Also make this as comprehensive as possible. You want to know in detail what didn't work so you can shoot to correct this going forward.

  3. Take a balanced look. Once both lists are complete, take a big picture overall view. This would be a good time to determine whether you are overall happy with the direction of your life based on how you spend your time and how well you are meeting your goals.

  4. Start thinking about the next year. Begin to think about your plan and goals for next year. Think about how you are going to plan your next year and what you want to achieve. My next post will discuss more about planning the next year. I would recommend not doing it all at once. Spend a lot of time reflecting first. Then you can go ahead and plan.

That's all I am going to share this week. As I know this is the holiday season and we will be spending time with our families. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!