Developing a Pattern of Productivity

There are all kinds of patterns in life. We have patterns for all the different activities we do. Many people have a standard workweek, working from Monday through Friday with the same start time and end time. Many of us have regular activities that we attend to on the same day of every week. We may have a night out with friends, activities we do with family, chores, and even our leisure activities are on some kind of pattern. Our routine is our pattern. However, like anything in life, things don't stay the same forever and they need to be updated and revised. We don't want to let our routines get stale. We have a greater tendency to get off track when our routines get stale. The good news is that there are things we can do when we get off track and we can get into a productive pattern.

  1. Switch things up. Whenever something gets stale and is no longer living up to it's purpose, it is time for a switch. There is no need to keep something that is not working.

  2. A complete schedule overhaul. Sometimes you can switch just a few things up, other times it is better to totally switch up your routine. There are times we should start from scratch with our schedule.

  3. Try A/B Testing. A/B Testing is where you try things out two different ways. You can make two routines and try both and see which one works out better.

  4. Take a break in general. You may just be worn out. Taking a break and getting back to your routine is a good way to test if your routine is wearing you out. There will be adjustments necessary if you do determine this is the reason why. Although, there should be breaks in general - breaks throughout each day, week, month, and year. 

It is easy to get caught up in a pattern that is not productive and not-optimal. This is why we should review our routines on a regular basis. This is why I review my routine often. I am in the process of doing this right now as I will be doing a new job soon. I am going to practically do an overhaul of my existing schedule and I will be getting up and going to bed earlier and following a more consistent schedule. If you have any ideas for future topics that you would like me to blog about. Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions. As always, thanks for reading.