Warning Signs that You are too Busy

We all get too busy sometimes. Too busy can mean different things to different people. Below are five signs that I frequently notice in myself when I am too busy.

1.    You do not have time to eat. OK, you have time to eat, but not the way you are supposed to. You are eating stuff you shouldn’t be eating just to fill you up and so you can get going after the countless tasks you have to complete. Eating is just another thing on the to-do list that is often getting in the way of what you want to complete. It is not only detrimental to your health in a hurry, but also will hurt yourself eating anything you can find (most likely cheap, highly processed, and fast food).

2.    You don’t have time to do things you enjoy. You have been so overwhelmed with your obligations that you have no time for fun. You are not getting reenergized by things that you enjoy and therefore not being fufilled. You realize that you have trouble falling asleep or going to bed at a decent hour because you have forgone pleasure the entire day and you just want to do the things you desire to do. You end up in a rut of staying up too late and then waking up late and rushing only to try to meet all of your obligations again.

3.    You only have time to do what you have to do. Obligations are all you can find time for. You have no room for anything else. A fine line develops for what you call an obligation. Therefore, it is often that important things are compromised or cut out altogether that shouldn’t be and you have a false sense that these things aren’t important.

4.    You are late frequently. This is not an excuse for you if you are habitually tardy. However, if you are someone who is typically of a punctual nature and you don’t have time to be on time, you have a problem. This circles back to not having the time to do what you want to do.

5.    You are not taking care of little things. Cleaning the bathroom, flossing, and the other 5 minute or less chores that you won’t get to. Before you know it, weeks pass and these short and easy tasks are still not done. 

Please let me know if you notice the same things when you are too busy and what else you find occuring as well from being too busy.