Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and has been able to get plenty of rest, able to take time to enjoy yourself, spend time with friends and family, and take time to reflect on life and plan for the year ahead. I have always enjoyed New Year's Day because of the opportunity and hope that comes with a new year. Many people are excited about starting new things and moving forward in life. As far as the best method for goals are concerned, personally having a manageable amount of goals for the year (or preferably smaller periods as things can change as time moves forward). Setting up a regular time to review your goals and evaluating your progress is very important as well. The most important aspect is the execution. Without actually taking action towards a goal, you will simply have a nice piece of paper or a document in your choice of software stating good ideas and dreams. Please let me know your thoughts on goal setting and what methods you use, I would love to hear.

I want to take some time to thank you as my reader of my blog for the past 6 months. I still have countless topics that I have in the works as well. Considering that, I would love to hear about what topics you would like to see discussed or discussed in more detail. Any feedback, suggestions, ideas, will be appreciated. I want to make this the best as possible and ensure that you are getting value out of each post. I do have plans to go beyond just a blog and am working on a podcast and eventually products and services as well. I would love your feedback on this as well. Cheers to a new year and best wishes for a wonderful and prosperous 2018!